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  1. i was going to post this as a response to a face book post that americans did not care about nazis and only wanted europeans to die. but you made clear you do not want this posted to any social media. so i will find another video to help me refrute a stupid post.thank you anyway.

  2. My German-American grand father punched an idiot who called him a Hun. My grandfather served our country for many years in the U.S. Army.

  3. When my besfriend in germany and sees each other at the middle of the war

    Germany friend: Dave is that you?
    Me: Man long time no see
    Germany friend: lets help each other and dont kill each other
    Me: Sure why not lets pretend we didnt know each other
    Germany friend: *shoots entire ally team*
    Me: *shoots entire enemy*

  4. My grandpa said a lot of us soldiers from ww1 married German women then in WW2 faught for Germany against there own country

  5. Liberty hound, Liberty cabbage. No one in the history of America used those names, more than their original counterparts. It didn’t happen, it was just stupid terrestrial level propaganda. And the whole idea of forcing out German trends in America doesn’t fucking work when English literally is a derivative language from GERMAN. If you look at the German language it looks like English gibberish, with the occasional French silent mixed in. Not to mention 40% or more of the country at the time was GERMAN. And the main dispute between demographics in America, were SPECIFICALLY BETWEEN IRISH AND GERMAN PEOPLES. The two largest demographics in America at the time, and they were not happy with eachother for at least a decade BEFORE WORLD WAR 1!!! The war just escalated Irish slander against the German people, had it not happened. You would’ve never had American Germans joining the nazis, or at the very least significantly less.

  6. This trend with germans during the war really puts Japanese internment into context. I can see what the government was thinking but it definitely wasnt the right decision.

  7. 9:20 is the same scene as when Spear shot them in Band of Brothers

  8. Sounds like the many treaters that are in the US right now performing treasonous acts against this country, such as the rioting, thefts, destruction of public and private property, assaults, rapes, murders of police officers and civilians alike and many other heinous criminal Acts by BLM, ANTIFA, and other left-wing terrorist organizations.

    1. Hey maybe you should put Jackboots on, get geared up in military garb and start shooting all these leftist traitors.

  9. There was also a Brazilian soldier that fought in the fuftwaffe striking down more than 40 allied planes

  10. hitler held that it was a decadent country with racial problems and social inequality

    gee that sounds awfully familiar

  11. This is the closest thing I will ever see to Hitler eating popcorn while watching his favourite movie King Kong.

  12. not even gonna lie, at first glance i thought the sponsorship said Call of Duty: World at War and I had to double take 💀

  13. He had to have protection with out it he would of been court marshals

  14. World War 2 was civil war for my family 6 on the American side and 5 on German. Lucky my 6 fought in Pacific and 5 fought in Balkins and Russia.

  15. My grandpa fought for Germany in WW2 but he was born there. But after the war he came to America became a citizen and then fought for America during the Korean war. America declared war on the Axis after Pearl Harbor , Germany DID NOT DECLARE WAR ON AMERICA-HITLER WANTED TO AVOID THAT AT ALL COSTS!! PLEASE RESEARCH YOUR HISTORY!

  16. America: we dont like germany
    Germany: we dont like you either
    America: we dont like you better

  17. This is for all you American Nazis and First-gen German American nazis. You will always lose against us. we won get over it.

  18. All those Germans leaving to defend Germany yet America still turns ships of Jewish refugees away.

  19. Lmao hitler a hoe for that assessment of the US…the pot calling the kettle black last I checked he was one of the biggest racist to have ever lived

  20. the irony…things happen in threes, Germany started ww1 ww2 and now need not start ww3 because they already have control…. do some fucking research and youd know that something like only 13 people were tried at tribunals…anyone of any significance was taken to the USA and uk etc under operation paperclip, they then went on to start NASA and planned parenthood to name just two institutions.. rather ironic that PP pushes to abort mainly babies of black and latinos….the notion that america is racist is just retarded beyond belief but at the very top… yeah look at the families of those that came over under operation paperclip and look where they ended up, look at where their children and grandchildren ended up…… to show you WHO really won the war the bush family funded the Nazis during WW2 and that should have been it for them, family should have been disgraced and forgotten but no…instead we saw bush sr and jr take the highest officve in the land…both whom constantly spoke of the New World Order… stop being fake woke and try being fucking awake!

  21. Dont get me started on the Lutherans

  22. I hope they will make a movie of these heroic americans in German uniform. It would have been a much better world if USA had fought on the Axis side.

  23. This is an episode from Band of brothers where Speers shot those American-German POWs. Better left dead than keep live prisoners.

  24. My far family had the last name burgermiester and when ww2 started they lived in Britain and they would of been killed if they still had it. So they changed there name to Bugermaster. Now they live in Canada

  25. Is that person in call of war is general patton oversimplerdified www

  26. I read that in American history class in middle school. There was alot of racial intentions against Germans. Its not their fault but Hitler was a ruthless dictator.

    1. it already happened in ww1, when Germany had no dictator.

  27. I knew about that crazy german-american organization but I didnt know about all these defections. It was not in the best interests of the United States to persecute german-americans in general. It seems to be what caused many of them to defect.

  28. Okay i wont lie… call of war looks sick….
    Gonna give it a try

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  30. The Americans that fought on the right side of history with basic observation of the modern world

  31. Remember when France wouldnt help in the 2nd Iraq war and Bush Jr changed it to Freedom Fries? hahahhahahaha

  32. Your home country does not define your side in conflicts, your way of thinking and acting does.

  33. The Air Force doesn’t have privates. Maybe the army air core did?

    I know that it is tick tacky, but it just makes the disbelief go up so high.

  34. My family moved out of the German part of Alsace-Lorraine right before the outbreak of WW1, and i wonder if i’d be able to speak german fluently had the government not banned alot of german things.

  35. Its crazy to think that people selling weed are doing more time in jail then these dudes who literally betrayed their country and joined the Nazis.

  36. The lines of morality are never finely walked in war.

  37. Ah yes I love me ol Liberty Cabbage its totally American not from Germany.

  38. America and the allied countries , a garbage under capitalists

  39. The fearful fearless invention alarmingly excuse because change cellularly wobble alongside a long-term cow. parallel, flowery swiss

  40. Well at least they werent being held against their will like the Japanese

  41. Imagine playing the game and you have to fight as Vatican City. Wouldn’t last 10 seconds

  42. So Americans who fought on the right side, according to based chad General Patton lol If american soldiers could see the future aka CURRENT YEAR, theyd be fighting on germanys side too

  43. the pilots family should of been deported, all of the traitors and theyre families

  44. My grandfather got a letter to go back to Germany to fight for the Fatherland.
    He ended up being a radio operator for the Marine Corps.
    He was born in Germany too.
    One thing he always told me was, There is nothing worse than big government. No matter what the ideology. This has always stuck with me and we can see it play out today around the world.

  45. Call Of War? What about Battleglade or Technicolor Six? Couldnt even shout out Escape From Pokarav?

  46. Dont forget that the prohibitionist of the dry party shut down alot of German beer makers & beer makers who had german sounding names.

  47. If youre looking for free gems and gold you might want to go to Gamecrook.

  48. The thumbnail is from the band of brothers. i just noticed LMAO

  49. Hitler held the view Germany was a decadent country plagued by racial problems and social inequalities… – where have I heard that before?!

  50. Given the current state of the World, id rather be speaking German.

  51. 1:37 Pretty rich coming from the man who created a racial hierarchy

  52. How german is your name?
    Franz Wilem Van Gutentag. From Hoboken NJ.

  53. Trump supporters be like, yea my grandpa fought in the war.

    1. @Max Iona hes the current leader of the white supremacists movement (nazis) in america. So those american nazis would have fit right in!

  54. I feel like this is clickbait, it’s clear that they were American immigrants but that doesn’t make them American turned german. They’ve always been German since before arriving in America so you can’t really call them Americans that fought for Germany because they had always been German despite living in america

  55. Simple uno reverse card. The germans hid in the U.S. military so the U.S. military served the nazis

  56. 7:15 you can say that he predicted the cold war just a few years before it even begun.

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