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120 thoughts on “Slot makinesi sfenks 2 bedava oyna”

  1. I play fallout 76 a lot and I wish you guys would let us blueprint the whole camp nort just a part of it

  2. When is this update coming? I havent been playing 7f6? I played for a bit during double scrip, gold, caps. Was fun. Now its bland again, Im about done with the game. The new scorecard I look forward to. Is there a email with info on release date so I know when to return.

  3. I want to see some Fallout 4 inspired Robot companion building, that we can take with us when adventuring alone. Sometimes it can be hard to find friends for things, and personally, I like to adventure alone on my own world.

  4. Does that mean i dont neat different characters anymore for different builds? Because switching special points all the time to play another build (for example from melee to range) can get quite expansive.

  5. I don’t think they understood the purpose of the “perk card loadouts” the point was to have groups of preset cards that you can swap out on the fly without spending 10 minutes in the perk card screen. There’s literally a mod that does this and they couldn’t even get it right. We already have special respec on leveling. You think that high level characters are going to get those perk coins back? I doubt it.

  6. Biggesf issue i see with current load out because you have to gain a level to change a stat you are forced to make a early choice on what build your going for and have to keep to it and as you level alot you may have a chance to change it later but usually not worth it. Waiting 30 levels that you could use on more cards and upgrades to change spec from melee to rifles kinda sucks. Also would love to be able to move my character over from ps4 to pc since I only play on pc now. Kinda sucks that all those lvls and items are waste now 😕

  7. I stopped playing at level 105 early on because I couldnt change my loadout on the fly…thank you for adding loadouts. I will be playing the heck out of Fallout 76 once this update drops. I dont even know what legendary perk cards are.

    1. @Justin H Thanks for the offer, but Im PC only. Im too old for console gaming!

    2. If you play on Xbox I can help ya get back into it and show ya the new stuff

  8. thank you all you devs cant wait for the update, ive been itchen for a new season since january

  9. Did I mention that molerats really shouldnt be able to SUDDENLY break through concrete roads, interior floors or rocks? Is that offensive to the leftist censhorship machine or something?

  10. If we could put vending inside vault Id build in vault more.

    1. @Jimmy Londo ahh, were also getting mannequins in the next scoreboard, releases April 27

    2. @Terra Games Im deaf and subtitles didnt work on this phone well.

    3. Did you watch the video? They said both displays and vendors will be placeable in the shelters.

  11. 10:18 the only reason I wanted to see what the punch card machine was all about just so i could respec my legendary cards in tandem with my special cards. you do realize your community uses legendary to go full melee etc. kind of a let down considering how long it takes to get L cards.

  12. I also like the special load out. Because perk cards are obtained randomly. So maybe people need to tailor their special points around their perks, instead of the other way around.

  13. Question about multiple CAMPS: If you have one active camp, do the inactive camps generate resources while you’re playing?

  14. The load out gonna suck. Imagine ppl who scrapped all their cards unrelated go their current build. Only ppl benefit from these are lvl 800+ who prob has more cards as they already scrapped enough for legendary cards to max out. Should be able to change loadout points and select mew cards for that loadout.

  15. Amazing! My favourite game since 2018 only gets better every day. Thanks for making the isolation of the pandemic a bit more bearable.

  16. You jump betwin camps but not show how made othere camp, i can move my 1st camp but not see how made one more.

  17. You’re doing good Bethesda, you’re doing good. Adding free features like this to the base game is how it’s done. Most people won’t have a problem spending a couple of bucks (I know I have) for atoms to personally custom their characters and camps when you give them freedom for creativity like this update.

  18. What happened to the shit Bethesda said they were going to add to FO 1st over a year ago?

    “Private worlds will continue to evolve with new features such as expanded building areas, increased C.A.M.P. budgets and Workshop persistence.”

    I’ll wait for your answer Bethesda, already been waiting a year.


  19. I dont really want more camps I want a bigger building capacity in a single camp.

  20. Hi @bethesda, can we please petition you for the transfer of atomic items between platforms, there are tons of players who want to continue playing tour game on another platform yet will lose 1000’s of scoreboard hours and 100’s of pounds of purchases. Take our inventory’s if you want to avoid duped weapons, just please let us take atomic items over, there’s petitions online for this, because people want it!!!!! Please CONSIDER!!!!

  21. Was that atomic shop promotion there 3:26 i suppose being an employee he wont have to pay overpriced items probly 10% discount

  22. Now those afk camp vendor players will be so happy and have so many choices about witch camp they can not play the game at!

  23. How do you place your second camp, I don’t know if I missed something in the video but I can’t figure out how to place your second camp in the game. I’m also on ps4

  24. Am I the only one wondering about all those perk points lost which were used to move points? Where/how that is being restored/compensated or that is just again punishment for playing the game?

  25. Gigantic F in the chat for those that ever wasted levels moving their SPECIALs around. The imbalance will be huge between players who never changed points vs those who got bored and spent levels to change their builds as far as legendary perks go now. Unless they plan on refunding those who spent levels on point moves.

  26. When is it coming though? I wanna know. All I want is the Special Loadout.

  27. I do like this camp idea though! You could have one camp that is your home base, and another camp that is purely a market for trading! Very cool. More options are always great for gamers.

  28. so if i cant load my camp when i spawn in because someone else has chosen the area, does the second camp get chosen automaticly or do i have to manually do it?

  29. Experience of CAMP shelters and vaults informs me that its a failed concept, also, how the heck do molerats SUDDENLY break through concrete or rock surfaces? Love you Bethesda, but details…..ya know?

  30. So happy I can finally respec! Whats nice is that it is free whereas Ubisoft or EA would have charged for it

  31. Im not asking you to fix the switch on powered doors. Im not asking you to put the keypad on the correct side of the wall on the brick powered door. Im asking you to just let me put a wallpaper on my red brick powered door. Please just do that at least.

  32. When you ask a person how they are doing you can predict with 99% accuracy that they are good, or they are doing great! This is clearly a conditioned response, a responce of a human being that knows that other human beings are predators of weakness, weak themselves but pretenders and predators all the same. The vain ego requires that you be good (even though youre not) but the most weak and vain require greatness, they are doing great. I believe it! (Yeah, its BS)!

  33. SPECIAL loadouts? Remove the perk slot limit.
    CAMP slots? Useless.
    How about better blueprints that save your entire camp instead of just parts of it?
    Even better, allow farming inside of our vaults.

    Give characters on the same account access to all of our storage/caps.
    Make a Bazaar that links all vendors to a server to buy/sell, its a pain in the ass server hopping to find what youre looking for.

  34. Left the game for about a year came back like a week ago and very impressed and glad to see the transparency and quality of life improvements👌👌👌

  35. So perk cards loadout as kn switching all cards not point is a thing or nah

  36. Fix the Collosal Problem even for the love of God!!!!!!

  37. Am I the only one with a super basic camp? It looks like a normal small house, I‘m really bad at building:(

  38. Why in the hell cant I be a ghoul or a super mutant yet… I would have said that was going to be the next feature coming out way back when I was playing fallout 3 the first playthrough…

  39. 3:51 B.e.S.T full D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.Ls —L—o—V—e—S—e—X—..❤️⤵️


    在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。.說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候 1619196339

  40. I was holding out hope that one day this game would be playable offline… but now that Microsoft bought Bethesda I know that will never happen… I’m sure a lot of people have Xbox live just for this game.. but I refuse to pay a subscription just to play a game. It’s absurd. Especially since I don’t like multiplayer games really at all. It’s unfortunate, because I might actually enjoy the game. I played it for a month but I won’t keep paying to play it.

  41. Being a amputee id love to have the ability to swap out (visually) a limb or two to better replicate myself in my character, Does not have to be anything that adds something additional to the game-play mechanics, but visually like a skin would be great, especially with the future tec, more styles of limbs would be available.

  42. Not trying to be an ass because I’ve invested over 300 dollars in this game. Don’t ask how because you probably already do. I’ve played fo76 since year 2 bought a couple years subs and bought the game for a few friends even (whom DONT even wanna play). The game not at full price because it was failing so bad at the time.

    But is anyone else who has been playing and supporting so long feel a bit fucked over at the end in a way?

    We get the same events year round, same plans etc. then they add this feature for shit like discounts on bundles with items you have bought already years later. But not for eeeeverything. I just feel a little robbed.

    This is one of many things.

  43. it looks like we start with two slots for camps/loadouts, are there any plans to extend the amount of slots and if so how? challenges or atom shop?

  44. Ok so we can re-structure our S.P.E.C.I.A.L,wow,so just shift points around,whoopeedoo,why not give us more actual points in our S.P.E.C.I.A.L so we can use more perk cards,now that would be something useful.

  45. So basically we get CAMP saves?
    Thats a shame, could have do e a small, medium, large CAMP where certain items are size required.
    So only display cases n vending machines to SHELTERS, but no food, water, and other items.

  46. Thank you for the SPECIAL loadouts, Im definitely picking FO76 back up.

    1. Right? Always wanted to try different builds but the tedious respec process held me back

  47. He says the camps will always be saved but the one camp slot we do have 99% of the time when you move the game doesnt allow you to put your blueprint down

  48. You know what I think would be cool? The idea of a permanent camp, comprising of (sophistacated) structures/builds that arent portable+ the capabability to have a tent, sleeping bag and cooking faciliies that we can genuinely pack in our backpacks. (None of this 500 man takes 2 trucks size tents with freakin wardrobes and couches business)! Too sensible for progressives?

  49. Icons for camp and vending in shelters is all I needed to know.

  50. Love all the new Stuff but i dont really like the Mixed vendors i liked To have wapons in one and chems in the other

  51. The fact that I can move my perk points without having to be leveling up and beyond 1000 feels so amazing, you guys have no idea!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Any plans for next gen consoles? Maybe an unlocked frame rate for PS5 and Series X?

  53. Would be nice if Fallout 76 had mods like Fallout 4 has

    1. Yeah but since its fully online, you cant go crazy with mods

  54. Some Weird Teleporting is going on. Uranium Rush event box spawned in by the Overseer base camp. was able to join at level 9 or 10. Then when I clicked on My home camp. I was teleported to the opposite side of the map. Biggest one is I never seen Uranium fever quest pop up by the beginner area.

  55. free respec is huge for me. im a new player, i havent even fully fleshed out my perks and im already wanting to change. i took some perks i didnt need, i want to change builds, etc. this grealy increases the longevity and enjoyment of a game for me when i can freely change builds and try something else without a hassle.

  56. How about fix the Farm at Flatwoods. Once initialized to take down the supervisors, one attacks the robots. If there are two or more in action at one time, gameplay reverts to maybe one frame every 30 seconds. You guys come up with all this building, but do not increase total weight. I tried to decorate my camp, but the decorations counted twice, e.g. one Tesla rifle counted as 15 numbers of storage and 15 numbers if storage hanging on the wall. 1200 numbers I’d weight doesn’t go very far when a shotgun will weight up to 15 numbers, I have the same exact shotgun as the United States marines use, it weighs 7.35 pounds, it’s a mossberg. We pay for the games to have fun, not to be dictated by a group who are not knowledgeable with today’s standards. BTW, 45 caliber rifles are not made today, they died out around 1900 BCE. Give us something that works.

  57. oh come on you guys, memorize that script before recording- I see you reading your very own roles in the team.

  58. Soooo…all the level ups I used to move perk points…can I get those back to get perk cards instead?

  59. these are nice addons, no sarcasm there, they are great…but they dont give me something to do in lategame^^ I have heared of that new thing in mmo gaming from friends. They called it raids or something. It seems to be some kind of instanced events you can trigger by entering a curtain area where you fight through some areas against curtain enemys and someone said to me there are even bosses! I said no way, but hes like yes. unbeliveble if you ask me. Rumors say that it is possible to integrate even more than one event of that kind so you can play hours without getting bored and asking permantly what the hell should i do now to yourself. Do you guys at Bethesda believe in such rumors of that mysterious raids??? I know, i never heard of that before too. Sounds impossible

  60. I just started playing again and one of my first thoughts was wouldn’t it be great to have multiple camps, thank you Bethesda

  61. So when do the C.A.M.P Slots go live? Havent played for a few months, but Ill be back to build more bases.

  62. Theres something to think about.
    1: separate inventory for vending machines Salvatore is completely full legendary rare weapons.
    2: is is there any way you can change the building limit when it comes to display my items, I want to display some items but it takes up a lot of budget.

  63. When is all this coming from the pts to everyone else??

  64. What would really add to the SPECIAL builds/characters modularity would be a mailbox that allows players to move weapons/armor between their different characters. Got a sweet heavy weapon while using your sneaky sniper?? NO PROBLEM! Just mail it to your heavy build character. Make it easy for us who cant afford fo1st and whos friends have all left the game…pls…pls.

  65. Cannot wait to have camp slots. There are so many ideas for builds and so many cool spots. But i dont want to remove the one i already have now.

  66. Yea vendors can still be stolen form…. Dont use em.

    My friend lost her 3 star fixer due to that bs.

  67. Yall are really kinda late yall only have 400k worth of players

  68. When are we FINALLY going to fix things like:

    END not being relevant because 5 hp per point means nothing.
    Our ballistic and energy resistances mean nothing because enemies blow through them anyways with re-re weapon dmg stats.
    Enemies have insanely high % resistances to all damage and just make all but a choice half dozen weapons being worthless.

    Get. It. Together.

    Fix it and stop avoiding the cries for a more FONV experience with food/drink benefits. Reintroduce survival servers with full on pvp but NOT taking 10-15% of your caps away per death WITHOUT having the option to deposit caps somewhere for safe keeping. Fix the lack of perk coin options (personally want to max 5 out of the 7 SPECIAL stats instead of this garbage swap stuff). Expand the damn map to other areas already. You guys are all failing so hard and youre NOT listening to what the people are asking for! Youre just doing your own damn thing out of arrogance thinking YOU know whats best, when you OBVIOUSLY do not!

  69. Outside the trailer first day was cool but now im not playing couse pay to win.

  70. Cave Shelter Cave Shelter Cave Shelter Cave Shelter Cave Shelter Cave Shelter Cave Shelter Cave Shelter Cave Shelter Cave Shelter

  71. NO GRAZIE 15 euro AL MESE per un cazzo di capo portatile in culo potete mettervelo .. sto gioco è una merda vecchia

  72. Am I correctly inferring from the UI that we only get two CAMP and two loadout slots? Or is there some larger upper limit?

  73. cant wait to see what glitches and bugs comes with this

  74. Thank you for these additions! The S.P.E.C.I.A.L loadout is my favorite. I played another mmo for YEARS as one of the worst specs (Ret Pally) and changing specs often became part of my play style just to be able to get into raids. Now I can flip-flop between my favorite play styles here too. Sniper and Power armor heavy weapons.
    I guess what I want to know is how will this work with Nuclear Winter? We dont have much time to play with our loadout now. Will we have to set the S.P.E.C.I.A.L loadout we want to have in NW from the main game, logout then enter NW?

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