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237 thoughts on “Casino rada kayıt”

    1. @WhyNotGta don’t do all just do the required ones and duggan shipments.

    2. @mario yes but if you dont want to blow your brains our, then I would do them all

  1. Your an amazing YouTuber can you do a guide on how to get money?

    1. Do the casino heist with a friend over and over agin give yourself 60 percent and your friend 40 percent

    2. Sure I will do a 2020 one including all businesses. Im guessing u mean colin gta 5 and not irl lol

  2. Can anyone reply to this message if I need to do the optional setup for the heist?

  3. Do I have to do the prep missions every time I want to do the heist

  4. Bro not try to be rude but stop fucking killin em knock em out cause you will get the police

    1. Abchinaran murga me to I didnt ask or care for u. Correcting Chinese kid from India

    2. @ManGotKillz nice spelling. Its loser* not looser* lmao

    1. Not really just play doubleoney events when there is a good one

    1. @WhyNotGta Can i do these setups with my friend?If i can what do i have to do?

    1. Try other missions, if its still broken restart the game

    1. D S hit me up m8 I’ll get you rich in 3 days mark my words.

    2. @WhyNotGta but i downloaded the game and now i cannot play it. because i dont have any friends that play gta v. 😣😖😞
      I was soo excited.

  5. Good vid for 9 months ago only a few months after casino heist was out. Would just do lvl 2 keycard optional prep u don’t have to do the other ones👌🏻

  6. For the power drills setup , if you get the van one you can just blow it up and the drills will pop up from it and you can pick both of them same thing you can do with the weapons setup if you get the NOOSE van you can just blow it up and 2 packages will pop out from it

    1. @WhyNotGta I cant get the cars to my arcade cause it takes too long what should I do?


  8. You are mumbling and stuttering and talking slow too much

    1. i didnt know what I was doing then, I still dont but I know a little more now

  9. I never do inflotrstiom suits cuz u have a flash light and I never do power drills

  10. bro i have that paleto arcade
    how the hell am i supposed to get both of those vehicles at the arcade in time
    please reply

    1. @WhyNotGta bro one more thing
      there is a car in my arcade
      i think i brought that one from the mission
      if i do that mission again do i have to collect two cars or only one

    2. u would need to buy one in the city as they are the best

  11. Should i buy the sub for cayo perico or the New submarine car?

  12. Cayo is a big difference 😨 I’ll just do this for fun tho maybe 🤔

  13. Nice to see a youtuber respond to comments instead of staying silent 💯

    1. @SadBusiness yep, if there is a day when I will always get 1,000 comments a day then around then will be like ok I cant cause there isnt enough time

    2. But you see mate, a YT that gets famous can’t just reply to ALL comments, there is hundreds.. thousands multiple. So they just heart them and get silent. Since he ain’t super famous he has time to reply.

  14. Another thing I observed. When I did the all the preps in a invite only session the game kept giving me tougher prep mission. Whereas when I did em in a public lobby or solo public session the missions are way more easier.
    For a solo public lobby (in PC) go to task manager, then go to resource monitor then search for GTA V.exe then right click and suspend It for 10 seconds and the resume the process. Voila there you go.
    Hope this helps.😀

    1. @WhyNotGta Another update, ( this will be short) If you just completed a casino heist and started a new one immediately, without any gap like 1 or 1and half hour. The first 2 prep mission like guns and getaway cars are a bit tougher, even if you changed sessions. So I recommend you to go to interaction menu

    1. YES thank you tired of having 4 people doing setups

    1. Rockstar must know their game sucks when it is online but people prefer to play it solo

    2. D S you can do it online but then other people with opressors will destroy your setups

    1. I dont know if i an gonna buy the sub or the New submarine car

    1. It terms of fastest the oppressor mk1 is better. In terms of combat the mk2 is better. Since this video is mostly based on doing it the fastest, however, the oppressor mk1 missiles is the same as the oppressor mk2. So for example duggans shipments, you can just lock on to the target, shoot the missile then boost your way to the next target.

  15. For the drills just destroy the truck the drills will fall and you can pickup both of them at the same time

    1. Lol it deleted my comment on my own channel. Thx YouTube

  16. Maybe I’ll do the heist with the buzzard then when I have enough buy the oppressor mk2 to do it faster

  17. Oppressor mk2 is a god send to grinders but is also a 1 man army for da griefers 😔

    1. you can skip alot if you buy all the preps you can pay for there is a glitch where you dont lose any money. To do that glitch you need $800K in your account and you need to be alone in your SecuroServ or MotorClub. okay step 1: Go to your second planning board where the preps are buy all the preps start up another unpaid prep doesnt matter what i usually start duggan shipments. As soon that you are outside wait for lester to start talking then immediately close your game after you closed it start it back up and vioula you still have your money and the preps are paid for aka skipped

  18. (silent) My list:patrol, security pass,emp,drones,hacking,drill,keycard,and car or weapon and duggan is the final one

    1. You really dont need patrol if you memorize all of the spawn points

  19. Am I the only one who scrolled to see if all the comments are hearted

  20. Can you list all the setups you have completed in this video

  21. in duggan shipments you can save few minutes if you use a speed glitch that you hold r1 and go down and up

    1. I figured that one out by myself but the bad thing is that you get a habit of that and you Will constantly press r1 or wathever button

  22. So you can do heist and setups over and over and get paid still?

    1. @Vladimir Jankovic you just need a fast flying vehicle and like you said, you can get the oppresor. But do the setups in a solo lobby.

    2. @Vladimir Jankovic no but u should have something fast to travel in

    3. @WhyNotGta umm do i need that flying motorcycle idk what is called to do solo setups? That is so expensive

    1. Ameer Nona but in the end it pays off. 🌒🌓🌓🌓🌓🌒🌓🌓🌓🌓🌔🌔🌔🌔🌔🌔🌔🌔🌖🌖🌖🌖🌖🌖🌖🌖🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌓🌒🌔🌖🌓🌕🌓🌒🌔🌖🌓🌕🌒🌓🌖🌔🌕🌓🌒🌖🌓🌕🌓🌖🌔🌕🌓🌒🌖🌓🌔🌕🌓🌒🌖🌓🌕🌔🌖🌓🌕🌔🌒🌓🌖🌔🌕🌒🌓🌔🌖🌓🌕🌔🌒🌓🌖🌔🌕🌓🌒🌔🌖🌓🌕🌔🌒🌓🌖🌔🌗🌓🌖🌕🌔🌒🌓🌖

    2. Quixy Scopez same I only got the far one coz it’s on sale

  23. You can blow up the truck with the drills and collect them.

  24. bro i buy pixel pete arcade paleto bay and i cant do getaway vehicle prep because of time so what can i do

    1. @Killer Shadow_pro i hate the weapons one i have to see all the noose cars and police is chasing me all the time

    1. @DBoy0113 if u are a CEO u can request a buzzard for only 25k through the interaction menu

    2. @DBoy0113 do it no matter what and just use a buzzard or something

    3. @WhyNotGta how would I do duggan shipments prep mission without it or should I just do it on aggressive

    1. @kezmy_oner ok ill add it to the list, i actually have one now btw so no bs lol

  25. If you have setup for a heist, can you do that forever without seting it up again, even after completing the heist?

    1. There is a way but idk how to do it, Ill probs cover it soon

  26. On the lvl 2 pass if you get the party one just hold the dance emote and you wont get detected

  27. Actually you can do the get away vehicles without being caught in that garage because the ones on the outside even if you drive in the blue cones just don’t drive too close

    1. I have a friend for the heist I just need to know ir I can solo setups

  28. Now if only people would stop messing up the heist itself…

    1. Duggan for Silent or Aggressive
      Keycards level 2
      Patrol Routes
      Noose exit disguise

    1. @WhyNotGta i tried to do it in a invite only session and it worked

    1. Thanks. Cause today there is to much trolls and i cannot finish even 1 setup

  29. For the security mission or the first one, I recommend the stone hatchet because they do insane amounts of damage.

  30. Bruh I studied the casino more than for my tests

    1. @ilyJeffz to be honest I have no idea it said I did something I didn’t do

  31. Ur sound is Jack sucks at life youtube channel check it out I thinks its same

  32. ty to this vid I got 800k dollars in gta and this guy has like so many video he deserve more sub *!!!*

  33. Bro why are you so weird like you just go into your own world when u talk

  34. What do I need to buy to do this. Like with property

  35. Your a amazing YouTuber any advice on how to get more subs ?

    1. @The Awesome Guy Ill just shorten it now. Upload more consistently. Play a game u like and have fun with it. If ur gonna do you tube full time at aside alot of time

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